Compliant Investment Process

Compliant Investment Process


The importance of a well thought through and consistent investment proposition that meets the needs of all a firm's clients cannot be overstated from a regulatory perspective. Perhaps more importantly a properly designed proposition can ensure the best outcomes for your clients, increase the efficiencies within your business and reduce the risk of complaints in future.

A well put together approach to investment will save you time, enable your clients to more easily understand recommendations and provide peace of mind to both!

Many advisory forms use third parties to provide panels of funds or to put together model portfolios. These approaches can make a lot of sense and enable advisers to see more clients, but it is crucial to remember that it is the advisory firm's sole responsibility to ensure that the solutions are suitable, have been compared with the rest of the market and are regularly reviewed.

If you are in any doubt you should consider asking yourself some of the questions below.

Meeting individual client needs

Does your business:

  • Identify the different investment needs of different client segments? For instance those who receive regular reviews and those who don't.
  • Offer a different solution to clients with different investment terms?
  • Offer different solutions to cater for different levels of investment knowledge and experience?
  • Cater for clients with ethical preferences.
  • Take account of the client's individual tax position and changing tax legislation? For example would recommending multi asset fund cause the loss of tax free dividend and fixed interest entitlements?


How are the investment recommendations aligned with the client's risk profile? How is risk 'measured'? Do you employ a methodology that you understand and could explain?


How often do you review your investment proposition and is this documented? How do you carry out the review and is it truly whole of market?

What due diligence have you carried out on your investment providers?

Whole of Market

Do you consider the full range of retail investments as an independent firm? Can you explain and have you documented why you have excluded certain investments like Investment Trusts, passive funds or ETFs?

When did you last compare your investment proposition with the rest of the market?

How we can help

ComplyMe can sense check your current investment proposition and provide you with a report summarising how it works and meets your clients' needs as well as recommending any changes that might be needed.

Alternatively we can help you modify your existing proposition or design a new one to best meet the needs of your clients.

Contact us or complete the enquiry form for a free consultation.

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